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Travels and Encounters:
From the Middle Ages to the Age of Information

In recent times, digital technologies have made possible for travelers to instantly share their stories with the world through a variety of media. Although travel storytelling has changed considerably since medieval travel books to present day travel vlogs, travels continue to play a role in the formation of cultures, languages, spaces, individual and collective subjectivities.

Lucero’s 2016 edition aims to rethink critically the impacts of travels and encounters, not only in the political and economic global system, but also in the cultural, ecological, historical and technological spheres. We are interested in exploring new perspectives related to travels and travel storytelling, whether it refers to local or global journeys of any kind.

Some of the possible subtopics are:

●  Travel literatures

●  Travel writing

●  Tourism

●  Gender, women and LGBTQIA travels

●  Ethnic minorities and travel

●  Exile, migrations and diasporas

●  Mobility and conflict

●  Travels of conquest and travels of liberation

● Scientific expeditions

● Travel poetics

● Liminal spaces and border crossing

● Vagrancy and nomadism

● Merchants, Pirates, smugglers

● Virtual travel, cyber travel, and new media

● Spiritual journeys, religious travel, pilgrimage, missions, and crusades


Deadline for submission: May 15, 2016.


Lucero welcomes unpublished academic articles, book reviews and translations in English, Spanish and Portuguese. We also accept creative works of fiction, poetry, visual arts, photography, music, new and hybrid genres.

LUCERO is an annual electronic publication by the graduate students of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of California, Berkeley, which includes academic articles, interviews, book reviews, as well as creative works. This journal aims to rethink traditional notions of Hispanic, Lusophone, Latin American and Peninsular Studies. Therefore, Lucero encourages comparative and interdisciplinary research with emphasis in literature and cultural studies.

Guidelines for submission and Editorial Policies

All articles and creative works must be original and unpublished.

Authors must send electronic documents via email to the editorial team at the address

Works submitted for publishing must be sent as an attachment and they must not include the name of the authors or any form of personal identification.

Authors must send a separate Cover Letter stating: Title of the work, author’s name, institutional affiliation (if relevant), and email address.

Critical essays must be accompanied by an abstract of up to 200 words and keywords.

Essays must follow MLA guidelines and have no more than 30 pages.

Lucero adopts a double-blind peer review system, which maintains the anonymity of both authors and reviewers.


Editorial Board 2015-16:

Mônica Gimenes Hernández, Azucena Hernández- Ramírez, María Ochoa Villicaña.